Our Digital X-ray System:
We have the most modern digital x-ray system available today. Unlike the traditional x-ray, your exposure is significantly reduced. You don't need to wait to see the x-ray images. It's available by your side instantaneously on the computer monitor. We have the capability to focus in on any problem areas using the Digital X-Ray system and come up with proper management of your problems.

Our Intra-Oral Camera System:

We can show you what you don't see. You will be able to see and be aware of where the problems are. You no longer have to leave it up to imagination and wonder.

Our Computer System:

We have the most up-to-date computer system to protect your privacy and to manage your oral health care needs. Our paperless system allow us to safeguard your personal information. No one will be able to access your information unlike the charts used in traditional dental offices.